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Introducing Polly 2.0

BlogBlog27 March 2024

The newly launched Polly 2.0 represents the next evolution of the Polly product range.

Introducing Polly 2.0

We’ve been working hard to bring you a new and improved Polly based on your feedback, so our bioacoustic monitoring device can be more customer friendly than ever – and we’ve done it! The newly launched Polly 2.0 represents the next evolution of the Polly product range – featuring a new look and improved performance under the hood to give you everything you need when monitoring your local biodiversity. 

These changes will make it easier than ever to install and collect data, helping you to maximise the health of your pollinators and plants. 

Key features: 

  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities: Polly 2.0 is equipped to constantly listen for specific pollinators within a specified detection range and collects vital environmental data, including temperature, humidity, and luminosity readings throughout the day, across all seasons.
  • Robust hardware enhancements: The device includes a 5W solar panel for efficient power use, a durable waterproof on/off switch, and dual-channel microphones for improved audio detection. Its design ensures it remains a standalone, easy-to-install unit that communicates over a 2G cellular network for low-cost data transmissions and is Bluetooth compatible for firmware updates. Devices can now run for ~100 days in winter without the need for charging.
  • Optimised for various environments: Polly 2.0 is versatile and can be deployed in multiple environments, including orchards, polytunnels, forests, and glasshouses. Its configurable recording schedule and time zone control enhance its utility for global users.
  • Technical specifications: The device boasts an IP68 weatherproof and waterproof enclosure, powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack. A new slimmed down design includes new attachment points to facilitate easier deployment.
  • User-friendly registration and setup: A new registration process means device installation completes in seconds and smartphone-enabled GPS tagging provides precise coordinates for field mapping and easy device assignment to projects.

If you like the sound of our new improved Polly AI bioacoustic insect listening device and want to know more about how you can deploy them to help you with your biodiversity monitoring and data reporting needs, get in touch at [email protected] today, to get your hands on a fleet of your own. 

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