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BlogBlog29 August 2023

Here at AgriSound, we take pollination seriously.

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We have the solution to be able to understand, and implement relevant change. We commit to ensuring that there is a way to understand pollination, in a new way, that helps. Our solution doesn’t ensure an overnight fix – we take the time to understand, and nurture the areas and landscapes we are studying. It’s a process which requires dedication, not just from us, but our clients, also. This is something that we have to do to ensure that what we find isn’t neglected with a poor effort from the respondents.

Currently, the population of bees across the world is facing a drastic decline. The number of pollinating insects, in general, is declining rapidly, which could leave the planet in a worrying state if action is not taken to reverse this. Our work essentially monitors the number of pollinators in a specific area, and from our data, action can be taken to ensure that this can either be prevented or helped in any possible way. 75% of the world’s crops couldn’t survive without natural pollinators, so we would have to increase man-made efforts to replace them, which would be far more costly, and less sustainable. Our services ensure that there is a way for land to be adapted, and resurrected to aid in providing a more habitable environment for pollinators.

Polly is one of AgriSound’s tools to ensure that pollination can be tracked, effectively, to benefit the client’s needs, and of course, the planet’s. The mechanism is designed to monitor insect groups using acoustic detection, with a near perfect accuracy level. Monitoring is ongoing all year round, and can detect contributing factors which could impact the acoustics, and mechanism, itself, throughout the year. The data can be easily transmitted into any type of recording, which users can access almost instantly through cellular connections ensuring this is possible.

It is important to recognise the long-term impact of Polly, as this isn’t an instantaneous fix that can ensure results in the blink of an eye. There is a wide array of research that accompanies Polly in its methodologies, in terms of understanding, and monitoring the way in which the land can be altered to become fit for purpose. Establishing a solution to resolve the areas for improvement is something that needs to be focused on, thoroughly, as building a pollinator-friendly space can be challenging. It goes without saying that the way we are treating the planet is subtracting the number of pollinators, so it is essential that for this to work, there has to be significant change.

Our beehive detectors lie within the hives, themselves. By beekeepers, for beekeepers, we’ve established a new way to uncover the conditions of hives with minimal disruption to the bees, themselves. Through using different tracking methods, such as temperature, humidity, and acoustics, bee populations can be optimised through ensuring the conditions of the hives are at their peak. Again, data can be easily accessible through cellular connections, and this can aid in creating a new way of improving conditions for bees. It’s one of the most important parts of nature reservation, and this is something that our kit can help with. By guiding the way for beekeepers to have a greater understanding of their bee populations, the bee population can be restored in a way that is backed up with evidence to support any action that is taken.

The purpose of AgriSound’s work is to ultimately ensure that there are changes being made to implement effective action for the sake of the planet. We provide the base knowledge, and understanding into what changes should be actioned, which then need to be actioned by our clients. Progress can be made far more effectively if the issue is identified, and this is what we want to ensure can be done. Therefore, it is far easier to begin working towards the changes that matter, and make a significant impact in the long run.

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