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Why do farmers, corporates, and sustainability officers need AgriSound?

BlogBlog28 June 2024

If you’ve found AgriSound, you’re in the right place. 

Why do farmers, corporates, and sustainability officers need AgriSound?

If you’re a sustainability officer, looking for the best ways to accurately report on the impact of your company’s sustainability initiatives, an ESG manager, needing the data to demonstrate the environmental activities you’ve implemented, or a food grower or supplier, needing to track to the development of biodiversity on your land to improve crop yield — you may not know where to start with such a task. 

But if you’ve found AgriSound, you’re already in the right place. 

To help you understand what it is we do, why we do it, and how this can help you, read on… 



The core crisis that first launched AgriSound was the decline of pollinating insects, particularly bees, which are well known to be fundamental to global food production. Bees and other pollinators support 75% of all food production and contribute an estimated $500 billion in economic value annually — you can see why they’re vital to our food security and global supply chain. 

Pollinators are also globally recognised indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health. The alarming decline in the global bee population puts both our food supply and biodiversity at significant risk— it is one of the key crises that you can find discussed at environmental conferences, in global biodiversity reports, and by nature-focused organisations around the world.  

It’s seen the rise of legal and regulatory measures such as the Taskforce of Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and the Corporate and Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD), all attempting to put nature high up in the priorities of governments, businesses and organisations that have a great impact on our biodiversity. 

Climate change, habitat loss, and pesticide use are some of the leading causes of biodiversity loss. But what if there was a solution that factored in all these issues — using timely and accurate data to empower intervention and protection efforts? 


Introducing the Polly™

AgriSound’s innovative ‘Polly™’ AI bioacoustic monitoring technology is revolutionising biodiversity monitoring by listening to and recording pollinator activity levels, using environmental sensors provide crucial local context. The devices are solar powered, using cellular data, with an easy installation process and low maintenance upkeep. They can be monitored remotely for performance, connectivity, and battery health. 

Our Polly™ devices are customisable and provide fully exportable real-time data accessible 24/7 on any internet-enabled smart device. The data includes pollinator activity levels, light, temperature, and humidity, allowing users to see real-time changes and compare different devices and habitats, and accurately track the impact of new natural intervention measures being applied to identify best practice. Read more on how our Polly™ works at our intro deck. 


Applications and benefits 

Polly™ can be deployed for numerous purposes, providing valuable insights and evidence of biodiversity levels. 

Farmers, looking to track their pollinators to implement nature-based beneficial solutions on their land, can use the devices to track biodiversity uplift, for example. This key benefit can also feed into measures such as ensuring statistical evidence for Biodiversity Net Gain measures, now mandatory for new building projects in the UK. 

We’ve also helped farmers develop measurable solutions to climate change, such as our recent working tracking carbon insetting solutions with one of the UK’s largest food producers, Cranswick – read the full story on that here. That’s not to mention our precision pollination for crop yield benefits, as we have talked about here, is currently in the trialling stages. 

Our work has also empowered organisations to go after agri-environmental funding applications, particularly in the context of Natural Capital, and around the measures implemented by farmers to receive governmental support by indicating sustainable farming practices. 

Corporates and sustainability initiatives also regularly benefit from our tech, utilising it to statistically demonstrate the work being done to reduce an organisation’s impact on the environment or meet sustainability goals. Our tech provides the often overlooked, yet crucial aspect of sustainability reporting: providing the empirical data to evidence ESG regulatory requirements have been met. 


How can we help? 

By establishing current pollinator levels as a baseline, testing interventions, and identifying best practices, we’re helping businesses from M&S to Innocent Drinks, to AB InBev demonstrate their commitment to increasing their positive impact on the planet, gather the data to prove their sustainability initiatives truly work, and improve and enhance their crop yields. 

Want to know more about what AgriSound and the Polly™ has to offer? Read more at our intro deck – or if you want to hear how we can help you, contact us today to learn more about our smart listening technology and how our data reporting can benefit your business, whether you’re looking to enhance food security, accurately report on impact on nature, or meet sustainability goals with real-time, accurate reporting. 

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