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Better knowledge for bee health

Our state of the art remote hive monitoring system provides vital information on colony status direct to your phone, tablet or PC.

Interfere less whilst monitoring more

Keeping bees is an ancient tradition, but can require years of experience to get it right. Early detection of changes can lead to quicker treatment. And quicker treatment leads to healthier pollinator numbers.

By using technology, both new and experienced beekeepers can gain a greater appreciation of what goes on inside the hive and protect against disease, predation and losses.

  • Predictive algorithms

    Predictive algorithms

    Optimise bee husbandry from advanced notification of changes within the hive.

  • Weight detection

    Weight detection

    Monitor honey production and winter reserves without disruption

  • Simplified analysis

    Simplified analysis

    Access your data via smartphone or any internet connected device.

  • Inspect remotely

    Inspect remotely

    Temperature, humidity and acoustic sensors detect conditions within the hive.

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For Beekeepers by Beekeepers

As well as monitoring your own colonies, you will be able to share in the combined data and knowledge from our global network of monitored hives. We continuously analyse our aggregated bee data to identify new health or behaviour signatures which we then add to our User Interface for the benefit of all our customers. Join our global community of beekeepers, bee scientists and bee enthusiasts to gain new insights into bee behaviour and help improve the welfare of the world’s bees.

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